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First Time Buyer

We have successfully helped many people over the years purchase their first home.The first step in buying a home is figuring out how much you can afford. The amount that you can borrow will vary from institution to institution. Click on the above to find out more

Switching mortgage

You can make substantial savings in switching mortgage provide with no cost involved. Any switching costs are paid by the lender. You may have taken out your mortgage a few years ago and just make your monthly repayments. If this is the case, you may be paying more for your mortgage than you need to

Trading Up Mortgage

Home movers and second time buyers can borrow 80% of the purchase price. However there are exceptions made to this rule.If your property is in negative equity you can avail of a negative equity mortgage. This is exempt from CBI regulations on lending.

Living Abroad

We are mortgage specialists arranging finance for people living abroad and looking to purchase a home in Ireland. We can also assist clients looking to arrange finance to buy overseas.


Pensions may not be sexy or cool but they are important. According to a survey published by Deloitte just before Christmas, more than half of Irish working adults don’t have a pension, and many of those who do aren’t paying it enough attention. If you are in that category, then maybe we can help

Savings / Investments

Manage your money, cope with unexpected expenses and emergencies, afford things you need in the future, borrow less and ease financial stress. Longer-term saving usually involves some investing, this will help your money grow so you can afford something in the future, for example your children’s education or your retirement.

Mortgage Arrears

It’s easy to build up debt, you might have found yourself in a situation where you are in negative equity, have lost your job, had your hours reduced or resulting in having to manage on less money. If you are concerned it is important to address the issue as soon as possible. If you don’t address the issue, debts can mount up and become hard to repay and you could end up losing your home

Personal Insolvency

If you are insolvent and in arrears on your home mortgage you could be eligible for a FREE consultation with us. This is available as part of a new State-funded Scheme to help distressed mortgage holders. We will seek to identify a solution to resolve your debt problems, keeping you in your home where it is possible to do so.

Our Team

Michael Dowling
Managing Director
Qualified Financial Advisor, Personal Insolvency Practitioner, CUA, APA (General Insurance)
Janice Downing
Qualified Financial Advisor, Personal Insolvency Practitioner, APA Gen Ins


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