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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How much can you borrow for a mortgage?

      As a general guide first time buyers applying for a mortgage can borrow a maximum of 3.5 times their salary. So for a single earner earning €35,000 per annum, the maximum you can borrow would be €122,500.

      For two income application we combine both incomes so applicant one is earning €50,000 and the second applicant is earning €35,000 we have total earnings of €85,000 so we can borrow €85,000 x 3.5 = €297,500.

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    • Rate hikes see new property buyers hit with extra €3,300 in repayments

      13th November 2023

      A huge rise in mortgage rates in the past year has made it vastly more expensive for first-time buyers to purchase a new home. Repayments […]

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    • Shift in sentiment on ECB rates, with cut on the cards in months ahead

      7th November 2023

      Following the European Central Bank’s (ECB) interest rate hike in September, financial markets were still placing some weight on a scenario whereby there could be […]

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    • Giving tax relief to tracker mortgage holders ‘daft and unfair’, say experts

      12th October 2023

      The announcement of tax relief for tracker mortgage holders in the Budget has been described as “unfair”. Finance Minister Michael McGrath unveiled a tax relief […]

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    • Borrowers hit with huge hike in interest rates charged on new local authority mortgages

      3rd October 2023

      There has been a huge increase in the interest rates charged on local authority mortgages. The fixed rates are rising by up to 0.65 percentage […]

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    • What another interest rate hike this week will add to your mortgage repayments

      11th September 2023

      All tracker mortgage holders will see their rates rise within one month which will bring the average tracker mortgage rate to 5.65% if a 0.25% […]

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    • David McWilliams: Ireland’s ‘nepo-baby buyers’ are creating a two-tier housing system

      4th September 2023

      Towards the end of 2022, the concept of the “nepo-baby” jumped from the internet world to the mainstream following a series of articles in the […]

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    Want to start the process?

    Let us guide you through the mortgage process