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    Personal Insolvency

    Sometimes the Questions
    are complicated and the
    answers are simple

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    If you are insolvent and in arrears on your home mortgage you could be eligible for a FREE consultation with us. This is available as part of a new State-funded Scheme to help distressed mortgage holders. We will seek to identify a solution to resolve your debt problems, keeping you in your home where it is possible to do so. The panel of PIPs who participate in the Scheme is available here.

    The Scheme has been set up to help borrowers who are

    • Insolvent (cannot pay their bills in full as they are due);
    • in mortgage arrears on their principal private residence; and at risk of losing their home
    • in a home that is not disproportionately large for their needs.

    The purpose of the Scheme is to help people in serious arrears to find the best available solutions, with the help of professionals who have expert knowledge of mortgages, insolvency, bankruptcy and/or repossession. The priority will be to find a sustainable solution that keeps a person in their home, where possible.

    If you think you, or someone you know may be eligible for the Scheme contact us directly on 01 853402 and we will carry out an eligibility assessment.

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    Want to start the process?

    Let us guide you through the mortgage process